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“And David danced before the Lord with all his might...”

2 Samuel 6:14


Are you serious?



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Within 2 Months


Or your money back!

1) Good Physical Health

This doesnt mean you need to be fit. 

All it means is if you have a physical ailment, like say, a broken leg; that might hinder you from dancing.  We cant fit you within the guarantee, but heal up, come back and you will!  In all seriousness, check with your doctor to see if youre good to go.

2) Good Mental Health

This will not apply to most people.  

If youre interested in Ballroom, Latin, or Swing, chances are, this wont apply to you.  Some dance studios do have programs for the mentally handicapped community, but that is unfortunately something we dont offer at the time.

3) 8 Week Plan

In order to qualify, you have to stick with our 8 week plan.
Its not too hard:

- Two Private Lessons once a week, every week (scheduled by appointment, Mon-Fri 2-10 pm)
- Six Dance Parties within the 8 week period (we typically hold one every Friday)

If for some reason you are unable to maintain our 8 week plan, you will not be qualified for our money back guarantee.

Dances we offer


Yes, we do have some qualifications.  Nothing too crazy, just check them out and ask us if you have any questions.

We offer more dances than what are listed here, but currently these are the only ones that fall under the guarantee.  If theres a dance you are interested in but you dont see listed here, just call us and ask!

Heres more info






Fox Trot



“being able to dance”

We have this section because we want to make sure that we are all on the same page.
We define being able to dance as:

being able to move to music with the correct timing and footwork required for a specific move.

You will be able to dance, at the very least, the basic move for the dance of your choice (as listed above) to music, with the correct timing and footwork.  Many people will find that they will be much further than just the basic step by the end of this package.


You do not have to do our 8 week plan.  For other plans we offer, click here.  Just know, the 8 week plan is the only plan that falls within our guarantee.

1 Private Lesson - $55

(for one person or couple)

1 Dance Party - $8

(per person)

















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